Kathmandu, May 1: The Constituent Assembly (CA) Regulations has been amended to allow disputed issues to be taken to the full session of the CA for voting following parties’ failure to forge consensus on the same.

The second meeting of the CA held Tuesday unanimously approved the amendment proposal.

The contentious provisions which were not agreed at the Constitutional Committee (CC) will be tabled at the CA meeting for a vote, and will be sent back to the CC if they are not passed by a majority of votes in the meeting.

Earlier, at the 121st meeting of the CA held on Tuesday, Coordinator of the CA Regulations Drafting Committee, Amrita Thapa, had tabled the drafting of the proposal.

The Committee formed on January 6 with a term of 15 days submitted its report after four months today.

The CA Regulations amendment was left in a limbo after the political parties failed to agree on whether or not to suspend the lawmakers facing criminal charges.

The CA shall vote over the undecided issues on May 3 as the Parties have agreed to approve such issues based on a voice vote.

Political parties have yet to forge consensus on over 100 issues including Form of Governance, Restructuring of the State and others.  The next meeting of the CA shall be held at 1 :00 pm on Thursday.


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