Biratnagar, May 1: Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that the autocratic ruling system that dominated the country for a long time has already come to an end and a federal democratic republic system was about to be institutionalized.

Addressing a workers’ meeting organised by All Nepal Trade Union Federation Kochila State Committee on Tuesday, marking the 123rd World Workers’ Day at Hatkhola in Biratnagar, the Prime Minister claimed that such achievements were possible because of the people’s war.

Prime Minister Dr Bhattarai said that the nation could move towards prosperity only if the rights of workers were guaranteed, urging the business community to cooperate with the government to ensure the workers’ rights.

The incumbent government has already completed the major task of the peace process and it was about to introduce a separate act for increasing employment opportunities in the country, he added.   “The promulgation of the new constitution would take place from the Constituent Assembly itself” he stressed and added that consensus on the remaining contentious issues in the constitution-making would be forged within a day or two.

CPN (Maoist) politburo member and Kochila State Coordinator Haribol Gajurel called for addressing the rights of workers and peasants in the new constitution.

Various people including programme organizing committee coordinator Bhanu Mainali, trade union leader Himan Subedi, UCPN (Maoist) district coordinator Shiva Kumar Mandal and Vice Chairman of All Nepal Trade Union Federation Baburam Gautama also shared their views at the programme. RSS


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