Over 27,000 candidates to run in Cuban general election


HAVANA, Nov. 4 – The nomination of candidates to run for municipal positions at the next general election in Cuba to start on November 26 concluded with 27,221 nominees, the National Electoral Commission (CEN) disclosed on Friday.

According to the statement published by the official media, 35.4 percent of the candidates are women, and 66.44 percent are running for re-election.

The Commission stated that the first stage of the electoral process, held from September 4 to October 30, concluded in a “satisfactory way,” with more than 12,500 popular meetings held throughout the country to nominate the next leaders of 168 municipal assemblies.

In Cuba, candidates are forbidden from actual political campaigning, with only their photos and biographies being exhibited for the population to select for whom to vote. Among the new delegates will be selected the members of the 15 Provincial Assemblies and half of the nominees for the National Parliament.

Cuba holds municipal elections every 2.5 years, while provincial and national deputies are elected for five-year terms. This time, the polls are being followed with particular attention since they will conclude with the election of the new president, as President Raul Castro set to step down after his second five-year term ends in February 2018.

(Copyright Xinhua, received from National News Agency)


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