Rohingya refugees continue entering into Bangladesh: agency


GENEVA, Nov. 4 – Rohingya refugees are continuing to enter into Bangladesh at a fast speed, with over the last 48 hours some 4,000 crossing across the border from Myanmar, the International Organization of Migrants (IOM) said Friday.

According to IOM, these refuges had been walking for days crossed into Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar district assisted by the border authorities. “Most people I talked to have walked for eight to ten days, getting to the border, where they have waited up to four days to cross,” said IOM press officer Olivia Headon.

She added some arrivals expressed their desire to find family members who had already crossed into Bangladesh, where first responders from various humanitarian agencies provided food and water.

According to IOM, on Wednesday a group of 42 traveling by boat, mostly women and children, capsized. As a result, four persons including a minor perished, having been caught by the boat propeller and died from their injuries and drowning.

Since late August of this year when the Rohingya refugees forced to flee the violence in their home areas, a total of over 607,320 have entered into Bangladesh, the latest IOM figure showed.

(Copyright Xinhua, received from National News Agency)


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