Palestinian Islamic Jihad says will confront “Israel war threats”


GAZA, Nov. 12 – Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement said Sunday that the Israeli threats to target its party leaders is “a declaration of war that we will confront.”

The movement said in an emailed press statement that it “will not ease its protection of the Palestinian people and land, and tomorrow isn’t too long to wait.”

It added that those Israeli threats “unravel the real Israeli offensive intentions that its forces started by violating the cease-fire brokered by Egypt in 2014.”

Chief of Coordination of (Israeli) Government Activities in the Territories Office (COGAT) Yoav Mordechai posted on his Facebook page a video warning Islamic Jihad from carrying out any offensive against Israel.

“We are aware of the conspiracy that Islamic Jihad is planning against Israel and we consider that the movement is playing with fire on the expense of all of Gaza’s residents and the expense of the Palestinian reconciliation and the entire region,” said Mordecai in the video.

He also added “it better be clear that Israel will respond to any reaction by Islamic Jihad against Israel strongly and firmly, not only against Islamic Jihad, but also against Hamas,” urging the leadership of the movement in Damascus to be careful and take things into control because the leadership itself will bear the responsibility.

(Copyright Xinhua, received through National News Agency)


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