Nigeria urges respect for Zimbabwean constitution to resolve political impasse


ABUJA, Nov. 15 – Nigeria on Wednesday called for calm, peace and respect for the Zimbabwean constitution amid the political impasse in the southern African nation.

In a statement, Nigerian leader Muhammadu Buhari urged all political and military stakeholders in Zimbabwe to avoid any action that may plunge the country into unnecessary conflict and impact negatively on the region.

“Every attempt must be made to resolve all contentious issues by constitutional means in Zimbabwe to save the country from avoidable political instability,” said Buhari.

Reports on Wednesday said that the Zimbabwean military appeared to have taken control of state institutions as a result of rising political tension in the country sequel to President Robert Mugabe’s recent removal of former the vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe’s military said it had seized power in a targeted assault on “criminals” around President Robert Mugabe who were causing social and economic suffering, but gave assurances the 93-year-old leader and his family were “safe and sound.”

(Copyright Xinhua, Received through National News Agency)


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