Multicultural marriage in S.Korea falls 3.4 pct in 2016


SEOUL, Nov. 16 – Multicultural marriage in South Korea declined 3.4 percent in 2016 from a year earlier, a government report showed Thursday.

The number of marriage between a South Korean national and a foreigner fell to 21,709 in 2016 from 22,462 in the previous year, according to Statistics Korea.

The cross-cultural marriages accounted for 7.7 percent of the total marriages in South Korea last year. It was up 0.3 percentage points from a year earlier. The number of marriage between a South Korean man and a foreign woman was 65.7 percent of the total in 2016. The figure for a South Korean wife and a foreign husband was 19.4 percent.

Among foreign brides, the Vietnamese took up the biggest portion of 27.9 percent in 2016, followed by the Chinese with 26.9 percent and the Filipina with 4.3 percent. For the foreign husbands, the Chinese made up the highest percentage of 9.9 percent. It was trailed by the American with 6.4 percent and the Vietnamese with 2.6 percent

(Copyright Xinhua, received through National News Agency)


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