Did her husband beat Manisha Koirala?


Kathmandu, 1 August  – While the rumours of Bolywood actor Manisha Koirala’s divorce leading headlines, one major daily newspaper in Nepal has reported that Manisha’s husband Samrat Dahal used to beat her, and she (Manisha) even attempted suicide.

According to a Nepalese daily, Manisha’s close source in Nepal told, “He (husband Samrat Dahal) used to beat her and she even attempted suicide but her friend saved her.”

Despite several news about Manisha’s dissatisfaction with her relationship was leading headlines several occasions, this is the first time this type of news came to Medias.

Commenting over recent news in Bollywood newspapers, a Nepalese national daily quoted a close source of Manisha in Nepal as saying, “It is a known fact that couple was not in good terms and had been staying separately only after a few months of their marriage. But I don’t think they have separated officially. We can say it is confirmed only after she returns to Nepal and files for divorce in court.”

The source also reveals that Manisha had plans to return Nepal during the second week of August. However, it is still yet to know whether she will file divorce in Nepal or not.

Manisha Koirala in honeymoon with husband Samrat Dahal

The daily quotes another source saying, “Manisha won’t divorce so soon. Koirala felt cheated in her relationship by Samrat.”

According to daily, Manisha’s close source said, “It had not been even four months that their marriage started to get disturbed, however she would tell us that she wouldn’t divorce for another five or six years.”

Manisha Koirala, who married two years ago with a Nepalese businessperson Samrat Dahal, is living in Mumbai separately with her husband.

The problems in her marriage were rumoured soon after her marriage in 2010.

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